Surviving the Holidays After A Divorce

Tips for Surviving the Holidays After a Divorce

Many people who have gone through a divorce will dread the holidays. It’s a common reaction to this time of year. Instead of looking forward to it, you might feel anxious about navigating time with the family throughout the season….

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Tell Your Kids You're Getting A Divorce

How to Tell Your Kids You’re Getting a Divorce

Are you curious about how to tell your kids you’re getting a divorce? While telling your kids about getting a divorce may be difficult, it is essential to maintain civility with your spouse. Your children, now more than ever, need…

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divorce horror stories

Divorce Horror Stories

When people hear the word divorce, they may already assume it’s a horror story. When couples exchange vows, they believe that it means forever. An unexpected break-up, separation, or divorce can be a horrifying event for most people. In fact,…

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Marital Property In Connecticut

Marital Property In Connecticut

Divorce can be difficult, but with the right plan, things can be as painless as possible. One way to accomplish that is to be as knowledgeable as possible about marital property in Connecticut. What Counts as Marital Property in Connecticut?…

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mediation process

5 Facts About the Mediation Process in Rhode Island

When a married couple is going through a divorce, a lot of emotions and feelings are flying around. It is one of the most challenging times in anyone’s life and can lead to extended conflict. The mediation process can be…

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elder abuse

Facts About Elder Abuse in Rhode Island

Domestic abuse is a troubling problem in the United States, with much of the focus being on children and couples. Elder abuse is something that might not be on everyone’s radar. However, it occurs more often than you might think….

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dui on vacation

DUI on Vacation: What Happens When You Get A DUI Out Of State

You’ve worked hard, and a vacation is a well-deserved time to kick back and relax. Time off is about enjoying yourself, and that often means imbibing in a few intoxicating drinks. However, getting behind the wheel drunk while on vacation…

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Annulment and Divorce: Do You Know The Difference?

When spouses have decided it is time to go their separate ways, many issues need resolving. Generally, this means divorce. Another legal option is an annulment. What is the difference between an annulment and a divorce? What is an Annulment?…

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Safest Cities in Rhode Island

The 10 Safest Cities in Rhode Island

Safety has increasingly become one of the most important factors for city residents. Safe cities promote community involvement and economic growth. Residents who live in towns they consider safe have a higher quality of life. There are a number of…

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marriage counseling

Is Marriage Counseling Required Before Getting a Divorce?

Many people wonder if it’s mandatory to go to marriage counseling before finalizing a divorce. In the state of Rhode Island, it’s not a requirement to attend marriage counseling prior to a divorce. However, there are rare occasions when a…

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Parenting rights

 What Needs to Be Done to Protect Parenting Rights of Same-Sex Couples

When same-sex marriage became legal in June of 2015, the majority of America sighed in relief. It was a very exciting time for our country. Finally, gay marriage was seen as a legal right in all 50 states. However, not…

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Noncustodial parents

Visitation 101: What Noncustodial Parents Need to Know

Noncustodial parents in Rhode Island may feel confused about their rights and responsibilities when it comes to childcare and parenting. When relationships end and children are involved, it is especially painful for the kids.  It’s important to structure a compassionate…

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