Taking Care of Your Mental Health In A Divorce

Mental Health In A Divorce

There are a lot of things you need to take care of when going through a divorce. Your finances need to be addressed. Living arrangements often need to change. If children are involved, their emotions about the divorce need to be acknowledged as well. Everyone knows there’s a long list of issues to take care of when going through a divorce. However, not everyone understands that your mental health should be at the top of that list. The fact of the matter is, all of those other issues will fall apart if you’re not taking care of yourself first. Thankfully, there are ways to care for your mental health in a divorce.

Be Patient

Allow yourself time to recover. Recognize that you went through something difficult, and now you need to take time to heal. Many people dealing with divorce want to wake up in the morning and feel closure. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen right away. It’s okay to be emotional and express sadness. Don’t beat yourself up for feeling something. Remember that you need to be patient with your own thoughts and emotions.

Connect With Your Support System

Don’t ever hesitate to reach out to your support system. Having friends and family to depend on is essential for your mental health in a divorce. While it’s common to want to spend time alone after a separation, you shouldn’t spend too much time alone. Spending too much time hibernating in your own home and avoiding friends can spiral into something worse. Reach out to friends. Share with them what your feeling about the divorce. Hearing ourselves speak about our feelings can help us to make sense of the situation. Your support system can help you feel stable.

Stay Away from Social Media

During a divorce, social media platforms can be like minefields. You never know when you’re going to stumble across a picture or a comment that can devastate you. While it is important to stay connected with friends and family, social media sites like Facebook or Instagram aren’t the right channels for connection. It’s also strongly advised to keep news about your divorce off social media. Resist the urge to post comments about the separation or how you really feel about your ex. Not only is this behavior bad for your mental health in a divorce, but it can also come back to haunt you in a highly conflicted divorce case. Overall, social media can distract you and keep you from taking care of yourself. You don’t have to delete all of your social media profiles and give it up forever. However, taking a break from it can help you move on.

Explore New Interests

People will often underestimate how healthy new hobbies or activities can be during a divorce. If there’s anything you’ve been dying to try, but never gave yourself time to explore it, do it now! Take salsa dancing lessons. Try yoga or meditation. Learn to fly a plane! Whatever it is, no matter how crazy it sounds, give it a try. Exploring new interests and trying out new activities can help you to pivot your focus to moving forward instead fixating on the past.

Don’t Engage in Power Struggles With Your Ex

It can be very tempting to want to have the last word in the latest argument that’s stirring between you and your ex-spouse. During this time, it’s important to remember to avoid rash or thoughtless disputes. They won’t make you feel better and they’re not great for maintaining good mental health in a divorce. It’s important to set boundaries and remember that this is a time to focus on your growth and development. It’s not a time to dig up old issues.

Exercise and Eat Healthy

Taking care of your body is a great way to make your divorce less stressful. Everyone knows that exercise releases endorphins. Why not take advantage of that natural high? Stress can do a lot of damage to our minds and bodies. Exercise and eating healthy can help to keep your mood balanced and your mind focused.

Visualize Your New Life

Where do you see yourself after the divorce is finalized? What’s the best case scenario for you? What are you most excited about? It’s vital to remember that you will come out on the other side of this storm. Visualizing your future in a happier and healthier environment is great for your mental health in a divorce.

For More Information on Taking Care of Your Mental Health in a Divorce

Remember that the right divorce attorney can help guide you through the divorce process. A Rhode Island divorce attorney can also connect you with local resources. If you’d like more information on how to deal with your divorce and in a healthy and positive way, reach out to a divorce attorney today!