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Men’s Divorce Lawyer in Rhode Island

On your wedding day, odds are you weren’t thinking about an eventual divorce. It’s normal to feel jitters or get anxious. But in the end, you exchanged vows and became half of a married couple.

So you probably won’t be surprised to hear that women ask for a divorce far more often than men.

This is a world-shattering moment, without a doubt. It’s normal to feel a wide range of emotions all at once. The thing is, your spouse no longer has your best interests at heart. It’s every man (and woman) for themselves. But you aren’t in a headspace to defend what’s rightfully yours.

For over 20 years, Susan T. Perkins, Esq. Attorney has specialized as a divorce lawyer for men in Rhode Island. She’s heard and seen it all. Today, we’re shining a light on why it’s so important for men to hire a skilled and experienced Rhode Island divorce lawyer.

Why Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer?

In our 20 plus years of experience, we’ve seen 5 huge benefits to every man we’ve represented:

  1. You get an expert in your corner. You might feel tempted to handle your divorce on your own. But this opens you up to getting the short end of the stick. You see, state law doesn’t dictate every detail of who gets what in a divorce. With a divorce lawyer for men on your side, you always have an expert working on your behalf.
  2. Your divorce will be far less stressful. A divorce is stressful no matter how long your marriage lasts. Gathering all the documents and statements needed on your own can be mentally draining. A great divorce lawyer will ask you for information, but they’ll handle the rest. You can focus on establishing a new normal in your life while your attorney does the difficult work.
  3. You don’t have to worry about expensive mistakes. In addition to divorces being stressful, the legal system is very complex too. A simple mistake like underestimating the value of one asset can cause a flurry of extra fees and paperwork. An experienced divorce lawyer for men knows exactly what to look for and what to avoid. Best of all, they’ll stay laser-focused on crossing every t and dotting every i.
  4. You’ll come out of the divorce proceedings with a binding, crystal-clear agreement. When you represent yourself in your divorce, you’re making a gamble. Sure, you have a clear understanding of what terms you want included in the agreement… but the judge can’t read your mind. It’s easy to say or write something in a way that isn’t clear. The result? A divorce decree that leaves you high and dry. With a skilled divorce lawyer, you can explain exactly what you want. They’ll make sure the judge clearly understands everything you’re asking for—no unclear language or errors whatsoever.
  5. Your divorce will be complete faster. Once your divorce is in motion, you’ll want to put it behind you ASAP. Who wouldn’t want to get on with the rest of their life right away? But when you use court-provided documents or represent yourself, it’s common to make mistakes. Mistakes delay the court’s final ruling, causing your divorce to drag on for months. An attorney will do everything possible to wrap up your divorce quickly and smoothly.

If We Agree on Everything, Can One Lawyer Represent Me and My Spouse?

No, you and your spouse cannot share an attorney even if both sides are completely amicable.

Representing both of you would be what’s called a “conflict of interest.” A great Rhode Island divorce attorney will advocate to get the best possible outcome for you.

And the best possible outcome for you, by its very nature, won’t be the best for your now ex-spouse. Representing both of you would mean under-serving at least one of you. Hiring two separate lawyers might be more expensive than splitting the bill for one, but this will pay off in spades when it comes to dividing assets.

What Should I Look for When Selecting a Rhode Island Divorce Attorney?

Look for someone local who bills themselves as a divorce lawyer for men, first and foremost. Lawyers can say they specialize in any area—by law, they are licensed to represent a wide variety of cases.

But if they have no experience representing men through their divorce, that lawyer won’t achieve the best results for you.

It’s also crucial to find someone local to Rhode Island. There are lawyers out there who practice nationwide, but they’re often spread thin or not up-to-date on current laws. Choosing someone who isn’t local can result in paperwork being filed incorrectly and expensive corrections.

Should I Get a Male or Female Divorce Lawyer?

The gender of your divorce lawyer doesn’t matter—it all comes down to their skill and experience.

Listen, we understand why we get this question so often. When a man is getting divorced from a woman, it’s common for the man to feel distrustful of women. When a husband is blindsided by their wife asking for divorce, it’s no wonder you’re afraid of getting hurt again.

But any great divorce lawyer for men will have their client’s best interest at heart, just like Susan T. Perkins. Furthermore, no judge is going to care about the gender of your attorney.

Focus on finding someone who’s experienced and will aggressively advocate on your behalf.

We Help Men Through Divorce in Rhode Island

No matter how much research you do, divorce is never easy. It’s often a messy, costly process—especially when you decide to do it without an attorney.

Susan T. Perkins has been a Rhode Island divorce lawyer for men since 1997. She and the rest of our team are here to assist you in any way possible. You see, we believe that a failed marriage shouldn’t punish you even further.

You deserve a clean break and a fresh start. Just contact us today at (401) PERKINS for a free evaluation of your divorce, no strings attached