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Second Offense DUI Charges in Rhode Island

The state of Rhode Island aims to keep its roads and highways safe, which is why a second offense DUI is severe in the eyes of the law. Penalties and punishments can be long-lasting and affect you well into your future. For the best possible outcome in a 2nd DUI charge, contact a Rhode Island DUI defense attorney as soon as possible after an arrest. Susan T. Perkins provides Rhode Island drivers with the best possible DUI defense and legal guidance. Remember that you don’t have to go through this process alone. Call the Law Office of Susan T. Perkins today to discuss your case with one of Rhode Island’s top DUI defense attorneys. 

Everything You Need to Know About a Second Offense DUI in Rhode Island 

A second offense DUI charge can be an overwhelming experience that can completely turn your life upside down. Remember that the steps you take immediately after your second DUI arrest will determine the conditions of your results. The sooner you call a Rhode Island DUI defense attorney, the better the outcome. Here are some frequently asked questions that can help you understand your 2nd DUI circumstances. To learn more, contact the law office of Susan T. Perkins. 

What happens after you get a second DUI?

The process for a 2nd DUI in Rhode Island is similar to a first offense DUI. You’ll go to an arraignment hearing at a District Court shortly after your arrest (typically within 72 hours). At your arraignment hearing, a judge will officially charge you with your second offense DUI, and you will enter a plea. The judge then decides if you should be released. The decision on release is based on many different factors, such as the date of your previous DUI, your BAC level at the time of arrest, or if there was an accident that involved injuries or property damage. The pre-trial conference is the next stage where you and your DUI lawyer will learn about the evidence against you, and your defense attorney will help you decide how to move forward. 

It is highly recommended to work closely with a DUI defense attorney after a second DUI charge. A second DUI is a serious offense in Rhode Island, but you may have options that you didn’t realize were available. Call Susan T. Perkins today at 401-324-2990 to discuss your second offense DUI case. 

What are the penalties for a 2nd offense DUI in Rhode Island?

If you are charged with a second DUI within 5 years of your first DUI, and you have a BAC between .08-.15%, penalties can include:

  • A mandatory jail sentence of at least 10 days and up to 1 year
  • Criminal DUI conviction on your record
  • License suspension for 1 to 2 years
  • Participation in an alcohol or drug treatment program 
  • Installation of an ignition interlock system for up to two years

To learn more about the extent of your consequences for a second offense DUI in Rhode Island, contact Susan T. Perkins today. 

Will you go to jail for a 2nd DUI? 

The chances of a jail sentence for a 2nd DUI are highly likely in Rhode Island. How long the sentence is will depend on the factors surrounding your second DUI arrest. For instance, if your second offense DUI was within five years of your first DUI, you’ll likely face a mandatory jail sentence. In addition, if your BAC level was above .15%, your jail sentence can be up to at least six months. The best way to minimize a jail sentence after a second offense DUI is to work closely with an experienced DUI attorney. 

What if you refuse a breathalyzer test? 

Remember that Rhode Island has an implied consent law, which means that you automatically consent to a breathalyzer, blood, or urine test when you drive a car. If you refuse a breathalyzer test, you’ll immediately face a suspended license of 6 months to a year, fines up to $500, and up to 60 hours of community services. 

What is a DUI look-back period? 

A look-back period refers to the amount of time that exists between your first DUI and your 2nd DUI offense. The look-back period in the state of Rhode Island is five years. 

For example, if you’re pulled over and charged with a DUI within 5 years from the first conviction, it will be treated as a second DUI offense in court. However, if you’re pulled over and charged with a DUI beyond five years since your first DUI, it will be treated as a first DUI in court. 

To learn more about the look-back period and how it can affect your current DUI charges, contact the law office of Susan T. Perkins today. 

Should I get a lawyer for a second DUI?

Absolutely. Since Rhode Island takes DUIs seriously, it probably comes as no surprise that a second DUI will lead to severe consequences that can affect your freedom, your daily life, and your future. A Rhode Island DUI defense attorney can help you achieve the best possible outcomes after a 2nd DUI charge. Susan T. Perkins can fight to reduce your sentence, minimize your penalties, and help you move on from this difficult legal challenge. Contact Rhode Island DUI defense lawyer Susan T. Perkins today to schedule a free consultation and discuss your second offense DUI case.