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Traffic Violations in Rhode Island

If you have been cited with one of the many traffic violations in existence, you will need an attorney who is experienced in defending against same. There are many violations which a driver can be cited for and Rhode Island Attorney Susan T. Perkins can help with those citations to avoid the oftentimes heavy fines which are imposed, suspensions of license and in some cases, jail time.

Rhode Island Traffic Violations Penalties

In the state of Rhode Island, a traffic violation can lead to a suspension, revocation, withdrawal or cancellation of the driver’s license. To add insult to injury, these penalties are often accompanied by fines, fees, insurance penalties and even jail time.

License Suspension

A license suspension means a temporary loss in driving privileges. The court will decide whether this suspension will be time-based or condition-based. If suspended for a period of time, this means you can apply to have your license reinstated after the period is up. If condition-based, you must meet certain reinstatement requirements first.

License Revocation

A license revocation is much like a license suspension, but for a longer period of time. This penalty is reserved for more serious offenses.

License Cancellation

License cancellation is rare and highly unlikely, but it does happen. In Rhode Island, your license can be canceled under certain circumstances, such as if it was obtained under false information or the driver is unfit to operate an automobile safely.

Circumstances in which a Rhode Island driver may lose their license include:

  • Vehicular manslaughter
  • Attempting to evade an officer of the law
  • DWI- and DUI-offenses
  • Not stopping to aid during the event of an accident if said accident results in injury or death

Habitual Offender Suspensions

The state of Rhode Island does not use a points system to site habitual traffic offenders. However, the state does keep a history of traffic violations and will extend a habitual offender label to those who are repeatedly pulled over and their license will be suspended.

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