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Elder Abuse Charges

In the State of Rhode Island, elder abuse is defined by intentional harm or a negligent act toward an aging adult that causes either serious harm or risk. This abuse commonly occurs at the hands of someone whom the elder person trusts, such as a caregiver or family member. Elder abuse encompasses physical, sexual, emotional, and financial abuse and includes neglect or abandonment. The State of Rhode Island takes elder abuse laws seriously and may lead to a variety of charges.

Child Abuse Charges

Child Abuse and/or maltreatment of a child, in the State of Rhode Island, is defined by any abuse committed by an adult towards a child. This abuse may be emotional, physical, sexual or neglectful in nature and oftentimes is committed by a parent, guardian, other relatives, coaches or clergy members or other adults. Child Abuse charges are taken very seriously in Rhode Island and lead to a myriad of penalties if convicted.

Elder/Child Abuse Consequences

Elder abuse and child abuse are aggressively prosecuted in Rhode Island and subject the accused to the most severe penalties. If convicted, you will be facing jail or prison time as well as a lasting impact on your personal life. Consequences often overlooked include:

  • Required registration as a sex offender if the accusation is sexual in nature
  • Loss of visitation and custody rights
  • Banishment from working with or around children and the elderly
  • Required to maintain distance from areas where children frequent, ie. playgrounds, schools and daycare centers
  • Elder abuse and child abuse convictions are not subject to expungement from criminal record

Elder and child abuse convictions can permanently damage your personal and professional reputation. Contacting a criminal defense lawyer as soon as you suspect you’re under investigation will provide you with the best possible defense for trial.

If you’ve been charged with Elder or Child Abuse in Rhode Island, you will need a competent and experienced attorney to assist you. Susan T. Perkins possesses the knowledge, the skill and the dexterity to navigate you through your time of need.

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