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child custody tips for dads

Child Custody Tips for Dads

The divorce process is extremely difficult for anyone that’s going through it. These hard times usually cause a person to react in ways that negatively affect the case. Be aware that before court proceedings the court will review and evaluate…

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common law marriage

What is a Common Law Marriage?

In the legal world, there are many issues that remain in a gray area. Common Law marriage is one such issue. While some states allow it, others don’t. And every state handles the issue differently. Understanding common law marriage is…

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Variations in Prenup Laws (1)

Variations in Prenup Laws

Marriage and divorce law are complex issues. Although a prenup agreement should make the process of marriage and divorce easier, it sometimes adds to the confusion. Find out how prenuptial agreements vary according to situations. Before you get a prenup,…

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Visitation Rights

Visitation Rights in Rhode Island

Quite often, for a variety of reasons, the courts will grant one parent sole custody if it’s in the best interest of the child. Even if sole custody is granted to one parent, the other parent is most likely given…

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