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lgbt divorce attorney

Now that same-sex marriage and divorce have been legalized and to a certain extent normalized, you may wonder why an LGBT Divorce attorney is necessary. There are lots of lawyers who handle divorce issues, and it may not be immediately clear why an LGBT divorce attorney specifically can be an asset to you both personally and legally. Before you make any final decisions about counsel, learn why you should work with an LGBT divorce attorney.

LGBT Divorce Attorney Advantages

  • Knowledge of All the Laws – An LGBT divorce attorney is someone who has extensive experience with family law generally, as well as LGBT family law specifically. That includes both the letter of the law and the ways it is applied in the courts. LGBT marriage is not vastly different, but you will still want to have counsel who understands perfectly what kind of legal issues it creates.
  • Experience with the Process – The end of marriage is a complicated and consequential process. The last thing you want to do is let something unexpected throw your plans off course. By working with an LGBT attorney, you get advice and guidance from someone who has been through this process many times before.
  • Empathy for the Client – Every couple is different, but there are certainly personal and emotional issues unique to same-sex divorce that an LGBT attorney will be uniquely sensitive to. A divorce attorney is not a therapist, but they are a big source of support, and they advance your best interests. By working with an LGBT divorce attorney, you have a representative who understands what you’re going through.
  • Comfort with Divorce – During the drama of divorce, you do not want your relationship with your lawyer to create any extra confusion, complication, or conflict. You may find that you simply feel more comfortable working with an LBGT divorce attorney. Typically these attorneys have been advocates for the community for many years and have a deeper understanding of what same-sex divorce involves in total, not just in legal terms. A reliable way to avoid unexpected conflicts down the road is to reach out to an LGBT attorney first.

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