Child Custody Across International Borders

Tips For Handling Child Custody Across International Borders

If you’ve been through a child custody hearing, you know that every detail matters. Custody arrangements and co-parenting plans are designed to make life after divorce easier. They help families stay connected. They also offer a sense of structure. However,…

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Get A Divorce in Rhode Island

How Long Does It Take To Get A Divorce in Rhode Island?

When couples contemplate divorce, they will often ask how long will it take to get a divorce in Rhode Island. Most people will want to know the timeline to prepare themselves. If you’re in a relationship with a lot of…

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Change A Child Support Order

How Do You Change A Child Support Order in Rhode Island?

One of the most difficult moments in a parent’s life can be waiting to hear a judge’s decision on a child support order, child custody, or visitation rights. These can be very big decisions that affect almost every aspect of…

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Mental Health In A Divorce

Taking Care of Your Mental Health In A Divorce

There are a lot of things you need to take care of when going through a divorce. Your finances need to be addressed. Living arrangements often need to change. If children are involved, their emotions about the divorce need to…

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Digital Assets in a Divorce

Dividing Digital Assets in a Divorce

When a divorce is on the horizon, many couples will immediately turn to their property, assets, and investments. They’ll take an inventory of everything they consider theirs and they somehow reach an agreement on how to divide it all up….

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Probation Violation in Rhode Island

10 Facts About Probation Violation in Rhode Island

If you’ve been charged with a crime, there’s a good chance that you’ll be granted probation. Probation is the period of time when you’re released into the community, typically under some form of supervision. If you’ve recently been released on…

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Financial Tips for Divorce

10 Financial Tips for Divorce

When you’re feeling the emotional impact of divorce, it can be difficult to pivot your focus to your finances. No one wants to have to think about budgets during a time like this. However, it’s vital to prepare yourself for…

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Expunging A DUI in Rhode Island

Expunging A DUI in Rhode Island

If you’ve ever been convicted of a DUI, you’re probably already well aware of the disadvantages of having a DUI on your record  Even if you’ve paid your debt to society through fines or community service, you can still face…

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Traveling After Divorce

Traveling After Divorce with Kids

Everyone wants to be able to travel with their kids. Regardless if it’s just a weekend with the grandparents or a long trip to a country far away, it’s always fun to create new memories on vacation. However, if you’ve…

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Divorce Process

What is the Typical Divorce Process?

If you’re about to go through a divorce or still deciding if divorce is right for you, it’s important to understand the basic stages of the typical divorce process. When we know that a divorce is pending, understanding the different…

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Rhode Island Family Law Attorney

When Do I Need A Rhode Island Family Law Attorney?

There are a variety of different services that a family law attorney can offer. While most people assume that a Rhode Island family law attorney only handles divorce cases, they actually deal with a plethora of issues. Most people will…

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Child Custody In Connecticut

What You Need To Know About Child Custody In Connecticut

Everyone knows that life is filled with unexpected twists and turns. Divorce is one of those twists that no one ever plans for. When you find your partner and decide to get married, you never really think that divorce can…

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