Gay discrimination in Connecticut

Gay Discrimination in Connecticut: Work & Societal Cases

Although the US has made many strides when it comes to gay rights, the country still has a long way to go. Connecticut is one of the most gay-friendly states. However, gay discrimination in Connecticut still happens. Discrimination Lawsuits in…

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prenup laws

Variations in Prenup Laws

Marriage and divorce law are complex issues. Although a prenup agreement should make the process of marriage and divorce easier, it sometimes adds to the confusion. Find out how prenuptial agreements vary according to situations. Before you get a prenup,…

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computer hacking

Computer Hacking: Online Vandalism or Theft?

Gone are the days of spray-painting graffiti and pickpocketing—okay maybe those days are not exactly gone, but twenty-first-century vandalism and theft appear in the form of computer hacking. While citizens formerly avoided crime by locking doors, staying alert, and guarding…

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Violence Against Women Act

A History of the Violence Against Women Act for Immigrants

In 1994, the US Congress passed the Violence Against Women Act. Prior to the bill, women had little protection from crimes like domestic abuse and rape. They also had almost no access to service that could help them recover from…

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Revenge Porn When Is It a Crime

Revenge Porn: When is it a Crime?

Revenge porn is something that is getting more and more attention in recent years. There are fine lines to cross as to what is legal and what isn’t. But, they are good lines to be aware of if this is…

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Criminal System Injustice

NFL Protests for Criminal System Injustice

When people feel that there is an injustice, they speak up about it. And when those people are in the public eye, the whole world hears about it. The NFL protests allow the world to hear about the criminal system…

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marijuana DUI

Marijuana DUI: The Burden of Proof

All DUIs are not the same. Proving an alcohol-involved DUI is as simple as submitting a blood test or breathalyzer to the court. However, a marijuana-involved DUI is a different process. Proving that a driver’s ability was compromised by marijuana…

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common law marriage

What is a Common Law Marriage?

In the legal world, there are many issues that remain in a gray area. Common Law marriage is one such issue. While some states allow it, others don’t. And every state handles the issue differently. Understanding common law marriage is…

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mandatory minimum sentences

The Dangers of Mandatory Minimum Sentences

Not understanding what mandatory minimum sentences can be a very dangerous setback. While you might think that a crime is just considered a misdemeanor or a felony, there is more to it than that. There is more involved than just…

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search warrants

Search Warrants: Know Your Rights About Search and Seizure

Search warrants give police officers evidence criminals in court. If an officer executes a search in your home, you may be in trouble. However, having a good understanding of the process and your rights can help you. Learn everything that…

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Connecticut DUI laws

Connecticut DUI Laws: Everything You Need to Know

Connecticut DUI laws can be very complex. It can be hard to understand where your case falls. It may seem like something you can handle if you watch another courtroom dramas. But, this is a very serious problem. It isn’t…

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social media

Social Media: What to Avoid Doing During a Divorce

Going through a divorce can be very hard. The process alone can be stressful. There are also financial and emotional factors to consider. This is a time most people turn to friends and family for support, be careful how you…

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