different costs of divorce

Different Costs of Divorce

One of the first considerations of a divorce is cost. Most people realize that getting a divorce is going to be a costly matter because of having to hire a lawyer, but there are more costs involved than legal costs…

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vacation home in a divorce

Who Gets the Vacation Home in a Divorce?

Divorce is tricky enough before you get into assets. But, once you do; the complications aren’t as deep as you might think that they are. A lot of the length of a divorce is time between court dates and waiting…

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Obscure Divorce Laws

Obscure Divorce Laws Still on the Books

Obscure divorce laws are no different from any others in that there are still some antiquated loopholes that exist. They tend to be laws that nobody paid attention to anymore and got lost in the books. But, they are still…

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Connecticut Criminal Defense Process

If you are under arrest, you will need a Connecticut criminal defense attorney. But what happens during the entire process can be confusing, and because you don’t know how the process works, it can be hard to know when there…

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dui checkpoints for pot

Drager 5000: DUI Checkpoints for Pot

As the laws change across the country, changes happen to the enforcement of the laws. Motorists are already accustomed to the possibility of having to travel through a DUI checkpoint to see if they are driving under the influence of…

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divorce with pets

Divorce With Pets: Who Gets the Dog?

Going through a divorce is a stressful process. However, some situations make your divorce more stressful than others. For example, divorce with pets can be particularly difficult. People often treat dogs as they would treat their children. When the time…

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paternity dispute

How to Handle a Paternity Dispute

When a relationship comes to an end and there is a child involved, the stakes are high. A father might find himself on the hook for thousands of dollars of child support payments. In other cases, he might find himself…

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exploitation of a minor

Exploitation of A Minor Charges

We protect children from the grown-up world. Their innocence is essential and should be guarded. However, the internet has opened up a can of worms that is changing the world. Teens are getting in trouble for sending nude photographs to each…

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asset division

Asset Division During Divorce: What To Know

When you and your partner end a marriage, there are quite a few details that you need to work out. One of those details is asset division. After years of marriage, you might have a hard time splitting up your…

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gray divorce

Gray Divorce: A Growing Trend

You might think that a couple with a marriage of over 40 years is a happily married couple. However, this isn’t the case. Some people don’t divorce until later in life. Today, divorce after decades of marriage is so common…

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alimony payments

Alimony Payments May Shrink Under New Tax Code

The nex tax bill has some amendments to alimony payments, and it is causing a stir. There have been plenty of controversial legislation to keep everyone talking, and this one is no different. However, it seems o be getting just…

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Is Your New Years Resolution Divorce?

Is Your New Years Resolution Divorce? New Year’s resolutions are right around the corner and divorce is something on that list for some people. It is a new beginning and something they have been thinking about for quite a while…

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