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Homicide Charges in Rhode Island

Are you facing homicide charges? A murder charge is very serious, which is why it is crucial to contact a Rhode Island Homicide Defense Attorney immediately. Hiring an attorney is not a task you can delay. If the police are questioning you, they are already suspicious. If they arrested you, the police think you are guilty. It is important not to speak to law enforcement without legal counsel.

There are several possible homicide charges. Rhode Island Homicide Defense Attorney Susan T. Perkins will be able to tell you more about your particular case during a legal consultation.

Possible charges include:

  1. First-Degree Murder: You are being accused of intentionally killing someone while under certain circumstances, including:
  • Committing another crime
  • Using a weapon that could have hurt other people
  • For the exchange of money
  • After torturing the victim
  • Killing a police officer

The penalty for first-degree murder is life in prison. If you don’t want to spend the rest of your life in jail, you need to call a Rhode Island Homicide Defense Attorney right away.

  1. Second-Degree Murder: This means intentionally killing someone without the special circumstances. If you are found guilty, you will spend ten years to life in prison.
  2. Manslaughter: The unintentional killing of another person is manslaughter. If convicted you can spend 30 years in prison, have your right to own a gun permanently taken away, and pay exorbitant fines. Even if the homicide you are accused of was not intentional, you need to speak with a Rhode Island Homicide Defense Attorney now.
  3. Willful Killing of Unborn Child: This means that you intentionally caused death to an unborn baby, and you did not do so to save the mother’s life. Rhode Island law classifies this as a manslaughter charge

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Rhode Island Homicide Defense Attorney Susan T. Perkins has been working in criminal law since 1999. She first worked for the state of Rhode Island as a Special Assistant Attorney General, prosecuting those accused of criminal charges. Now Susan helps the accused by protecting their rights and defending their innocence.

If you are a person of interest in a homicide case, call Susan at (401) 324-2990. If you don’t want to spend the rest of your life in prison, it is important to get legal help now.