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A Case-By-Case Approach to Rhode Island Criminal Defense

Some Rhode Island criminal defense attorneys take a wait-and-see approach to matters at hand. Some delay and stall until the first court date, or until they receive the police reports, before investigating and advocating on your behalf.

Susan T. Perkins, Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney at Law, believes that there is no time to waste. The most critical window of opportunity for defense work may be in the first few days following an arrest, or even prior to formal charges being filed. By digging in and getting to work immediately, Rhode Island Attorney Perkins is often able to locate favorable defense evidence and witnesses, all while gaining a head start toward defeating your charges.

Early Intervention Before Criminal Charges Filed

Sometimes it is possible to stop criminal charges from ever being filed.

After making an arrest or investigating a suspected crime, the police take their evidence to the District Attorney. The DA evaluates the potential case and decides what criminal charges (if any) to file. Usually, the Prosecutor makes this decision based solely on what the police have presented. But there is also your side of the story.

Many times, Susan T. Perkins can also meet with the DA during this same time period. Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney Perkins will present witness statements, our evidence and information.

Knowing your side of the story may affect the calculations. When the Prosecutors see the whole picture, not just what the cops present (or the alleged victim), they may decide to file lesser charges – i.e., a misdemeanor, rather than a felony – or not to file criminal charges at all.

Rhode Island Criminal Defense

When you get arrested in the ocean state, you may think that nothing is going your way. You may think to yourself how could I let this one little mistake dictate the rest of my life? Fortunately, we live in a time where you are innocent until you are proven guilty. This means that no matter the crime you will be given a fair trial where you have the right to be represented by a Rhode Island Criminal Defense. When you go to court you are going to be stressed out and fearing for the worst but once you have the right attorney you should be in a much better place. But the real question you should be asking yourself is how do you find the right attorney for your case?

Choosing A Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney

When you begin looking for a Rhode Island Criminal Defense you options will be everywhere. From bench ads, tv commercials, and junk mail your cup will be running over with lawyers who are looking to represent you. There are some things you should keep in mind that will help you make the right choice when you do decide to pull the trigger and pick an attorney. The first thing you need to consider when you are looking for a Rhode Island Criminal Defense is what type of law they practice. All lawyers in Rhode Island are licensed for general practice, so no attorney is specifically a bankruptcy or divorce lawyer. Just because all lawyers can practice any law does not mean that some are not better in some areas than others. When you choose your Rhode Island Criminal Defense you want to make sure that they focus on an area that is the most directly related to your case.

As you start to comb through and select the Rhode Island Criminal Defense that you want to represent you may still be unsure as to who to choose. Have you considered that fact that some lawyers are just better than others? All lawyers like to win. Some lawyers live to win! You want to have someone on your side who has a fire in their stomach to make sure that you get the results that you want. If your lawyer is not going to get up early and stay up late to help you, then they are probably not the Rhode Island Criminal Defense you need.

How about taking into account how long someone has been a lawyer? When you are planning your Rhode Island Criminal Defense you need to consider that if you hire someone who is fresh out of school they are not going to be ready for the court and the opposition. Having someone who has been a prosecutor in the past will also give you a serious benefit. If your Rhode Island Criminal Defense has been on the other side of the courtroom you have a big leg up. Former prosecutors know the tactics that the prosecutor will use and are prepared. They will know when they are trying to back their client into a corner and they will likely have a defense ready to make you look as good as possible.

Your Best Chance Of Defense

If you are looking to build a Rhode Island Criminal Defense strategy and have not chosen a lawyer you are in the right place. The Rhode Island Criminal Defense Office of Susan T Perkins is here for you. Our office works with our clients every step of the way and is available at any time to answer your questions. When we represent you, you will have our personal cell phone numbers. You will be able to reach us at anytime to talk about your defense and how we are going to succeed for you. We have prosecution experience in several superior courts and know what the state is going to do to try and get you charged guilty. We want to make sure that you are completely expunged of your charges and that your life will be back to normal. If you would like to contact us for a free consultation contact us today at 401-PERKINS.