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Robbery Charges in Rhode Island

This type of theft distinguished by the use of force, intimidation and/or violence to seize someone else’s property. Armed Robbery refers to a specific type of robbery which involves the use of a weapon, a replica of a weapon, or the pretense of actually possessing a weapon.

Rhode Island Robbery Penalties

As a result of the violent nature of crimes, the state of Rhode Island enforces strict penalties for these charges. Anyone facing these charges should take them seriously and seek experienced legal counsel to represent their best interests.

§ 11-39-1 Penalty for robbery. – (a) Every person who shall commit: (1) robbery by use of a dangerous weapon; (2) robbery where a victim is injured; or (3) robbery where the victim is a person who is severely impaired or an elderly person; shall be guilty of first degree robbery and shall be imprisoned for not less than ten (10) years and may be imprisoned for life, or fined not more than fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000), or both.-Rhode Island Robbery Penalties

These charges should always be taken very seriously since the consequences of a conviction are so stern. Long incarcerations, permanent criminal records, and probation are just a few of the many associated penalties. Because of the often violent nature of such crimes, prosecutors are notoriously aggressive in their attempts to secure convictions. Lucky for you, Attorney SUSAN T. PERKINS is also notoriously aggressive in her approach to defending against those charges.

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