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Child Pornography Charges in Rhode Island

Before a sentence is even declared, cases involving child pornography are highly-publicized media circuses rife with accusations. Often, the defendant is declared guilty by public opinion before the trial even begins.

Child Pornography is defined as the visual depiction of sexual conduct by minors, especially prepubescent children. Prosecutors are very eager to protect juvenile victims of child pornography and will do anything and everything to secure a conviction. You will need an aggressive attorney with a calculated approach to defend you from these serious accusations/charges.

Prosecution of Child Pornography Offenses

These offenses carry very serious penalties and the prosecution, sometimes state as well as federal, is very keen to convict individuals charged with a crime related to child pornography. However, a guilty verdict is not a the only fate for the accused. With emerging technology, laws are being adjusted at both the state and federal level. Pictures like uncoerced ‘selfies’ may transfer responsibility to the person guilty of taking the picture. Or racy photos sent by a high school girlfriend to her boyfriend could potentially land them both in prosecution for child pornography.

There’s a growing overall trend at both state and federal levels toward broadening definitions of child pornography as well as applying harsher punishments for all those involved in its production and distribution. Loopholes involving what counts as ‘viewing’ or ‘possessing’ child pornography now encompasses a greater scope or mediums than in former years. Additionally, responsibility for distributing child pornography is beginning to fall on minors producing sexually explicit images which might prosecute them under child pornography laws.

Punishment of Child Pornography Offenses

The punishment for a child pornography conviction may include lengthy incarceration, plus mandatory punishments, heavy fines and enrollment in the sex offender registry. State laws vastly differ in terms of penalties, and the federal (national) child pornography statutes have also changed over the years, becoming more severe.

There are many stories involving consent between both parties, or cases where both parties are in a relationship together but one is a minor, and the adult ends up serving five years in prison. Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney Susan Perkins is skilled in ironing out the details that get lost in the rigid structure of federal child pornography laws.

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