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In the modern state of Rhode Island the laws that govern LGBT marriage have become pushed into the mainstream. Of course with the advocation of LGBT marriage, of course, there comes LGBT divorce. If you are considering a divorce, it is important that you contact a Providence LGBT Attorney to discuss your case. For many couples, the idea of getting a divorce comes as a surprise from one partner to another, and it is important that as you navigate the divorce process, you keep your future in mind. Of course, the one point we have not brought up is the point we are going to be covering, and that is how custody works for same-sex couples in Rhode Island and how a Providence LGBT Custody Attorney can assist you.

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Providence LGBT Custody Attorney

At the Law Office of Susan T. Perkins, we have been handling matters that are important to the LGBT community for many years. We are proud to say that we were pioneers in the Rhode Island Law community before LGBT issues became as spotlighted as they are today. For a LGBT couple that is getting a divorce, the process is broadly similar to the divorce process non-LGBT relationships. Unfortunately though if you are a same-sex couple you will quickly see the situation involving custody is no simple matter. Fortunately, with the assistance of a Providence LGBT Custody Attorney, you will find the process to be simpler. In situations involving same-sex custody, it is important that you work with your Providence LGBT Custody Attorney to quickly come to a resolution. Even if you feel it is impossible because the laws regarding these matters are in their infant stages the less, you have to discuss these issues in the courtroom the better. Whether you are both legal parents of the child or if only one of you in the legal parent, it is important that you discuss with your attorney the best options in your case.

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At the Law Office of Susan T. Perkins, we understand the struggle that the LGBT community goes through every day. We have strived to be advocates in these situations and do our best to offer assistance to those who retain us for legal assistance. If you would like to contact us about same-sex divorce or speak with a Providence LGBT Custody and Family Attorney, we are available to discuss your case at any time at (401) 324-2990.