Different Costs of Divorce

different costs of divorce

One of the first considerations of a divorce is cost. Most people realize that getting a divorce is going to be a costly matter because of having to hire a lawyer, but there are more costs involved than legal costs in a divorce. Here are some of the common costs of divorce that you can potentially expect to pay during this process. You may be surprised to learn that not all them are attached to dollar signs.

What Are Some Common Costs of Divorce?

Legal Fees

The first of the common costs of divorce are often the only one that people think of in conjunction with a divorce. The legal fees of having to hire a lawyer, pay the court costs when the courts have to make different decisions on your legal matter, and other associated fees can add up.


Another common cost that comes with a divorce is alimony. This arrangement is where one spouse has to make a payment to the other spouse to help support them. Typically, this is where one spouse makes more money than the other, and without this financial support, they wouldn’t be able to afford to be on their own.

Child Support

Another of the common costs of divorce is child support. The amount paid in child support will often depend on the parents’ salaries, how many children are involved, and other factors. This along with alimony can create financial costs of a divorce that continues long after the divorce is finalized. Child support payments can be adjusted, and if not paid, can lead to more issues with the court.

New Place

One of the costs of divorce that people give little consideration to is moving to a new place. You may even decide to relocate to another area altogether to get away from your divorce. This can incur moving costs that you may not have considered. In addition, you have to think about furniture and other expenses that come from moving into your own place after your marriage ends. You may have to buy household goods and more for your new place.

One Income Only

Living on two incomes will be a lifestyle of the past after divorce. They’ll have to adjust to just living on their own income again. This may be hard if one made more than the other. Even if only one spouse was working during the marriage, it may still be hard to transition to one income after the divorce. This fact is because they now have to cover two households with the same amount of money.

Physical and Emotional Costs

Financial costs aren’t the only ones to consider here. There’s also the physical and emotional costs that can come from a divorce. Stress is a powerful thing that can make you emotionally worn out and contribute to health issues. Researchers have explored how stress can make an impact on your health, and have found that divorce can even more stressful than the death of a spouse for some people. Finding ways to fight stress and reduce the burden it has on you can be beneficial.

Are Their Ways to Circumvent These Costs?

You should expect many of these common costs of divorce, but there are some ways to help circumvent or reduce them. For instance, a more amicable separation with an uncontested divorce often results in less time at court. This can help to reduce your cost. In addition, a situation where alimony, child support, and similar expenses aren’t necessary will lessen the costs of divorce. However, coming to an agreement about some of these matters will prevent the court from making a decision, further reducing your costs.

When it comes to those costs that go beyond financial, it’s important to have a good support system in place to help you through the stress. The thought of having to bring other people into your pain can be hard. But, family and friends can really help you through this tough time.

Why Is Divorce So Costly?

Divorce is a very costly matter because everything that was once supported financially together is now split. The courts are going to want their payment based on the amount of time that your divorce has taken. Plus, there are all of the things that you both will be paying for that you once only had to have one account. It’s not easy separating two lives, but in many cases, it’s necessary to get on with your life.

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