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Digital Assets in a Divorce

Dividing Digital Assets in a Divorce

When a divorce is on the horizon, many couples will immediately turn to their property, assets, and investments. They’ll take an inventory of everything they consider theirs and they somehow reach an agreement on how to divide it all up….

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Financial Tips for Divorce

10 Financial Tips for Divorce

When you’re feeling the emotional impact of divorce, it can be difficult to pivot your focus to your finances. No one wants to have to think about budgets during a time like this. However, it’s vital to prepare yourself for…

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Traveling After Divorce

Traveling After Divorce with Kids

Everyone wants to be able to travel with their kids. Regardless if it’s just a weekend with the grandparents or a long trip to a country far away, it’s always fun to create new memories on vacation. However, if you’ve…

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Divorce Process

What is the Typical Divorce Process?

If you’re about to go through a divorce or still deciding if divorce is right for you, it’s important to understand the basic stages of the typical divorce process. When we know that a divorce is pending, understanding the different…

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High Net Worth Divorces

The Checklist for High Net Worth Divorces

When high-profile couples go through a divorce, much of the public conversation will always turn to their finances and separation of assets. Who gets what? Is it amicable? Was there a prenuptial agreement? These and other questions were immediately the…

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divorce horror stories

Divorce Horror Stories

When people hear the word divorce, they may already assume it’s a horror story. When couples exchange vows, they believe that it means forever. An unexpected break-up, separation, or divorce can be a horrifying event for most people. In fact,…

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