How to Obtain an NFA Gun Trust

NFA Gun Trust

Under The National Firearms Act (NFA), certain items, including silencers and machines guns, also known as Title II firearms, are subject to regulations. The proper measures must be taken to ensure that all individuals who plan to handle and operate those weapons, do so within the law. In-depth research will help in understanding each component, thus avoiding possible penalties and fines. Possessing an NFA gun trust is the best option to allow the ownership, and transfer of ownership, of such items. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how one can be obtained.

Know State Regulations

Not every state upholds the same restrictions when it comes to laws pertaining to weapons. For example, Rhode Island gun trusts may not be recognized in Maine. Holding an NFA gun trust will not necessarily grant unlimited travel across state lines. It depends on the destination, as well as the specific items in possession. They or may not be permitted in another state. Know the rules that apply to the residence where the items will be stored. Also, transporting them may require additional documentation.

Organize Trustees

One of the perks of establishing this type of trust is the ability to the manage most of the handling of the property more freely. Whether it is for emergency purposes, or simply to share ownership, include all appropriate individuals. Each trustee documented should be responsible and knowledgeable regarding all assets at hand. Make sure that every person involved has a thorough understanding of what is and is not permitted. When dealing with legal matters, and violations with serious repercussions, it is important that there is no confusing about the regulations.

Plan Ahead

Decide on what will happen to the property if the primary owner dies or somehow becomes incapacitated. This information will have to be provided and noted as part of the trust document. Having clear instructions laid out will remove the burden from those who may not know anything about handling the firearms. A smoother transition will take place for surviving trustees, or any beneficiaries listed to inherit the corresponding weapons in the event of death.

Seek Legal Assistance

The abundance of information online may seem overwhelming. The trust should be completed by working with a gun trust lawyer. This is to ensure that all applicable purchases are legal and compliant with the NFA regulations. While trusts are available online, it is better to sit down with someone one on one, who can answer questions and make sure any special needs are addressed. A lawyer will be able to construct the trust based on the applicant’s particular circumstances. Find a local attorney, to ensure that state, as well as federal, regulations, are covered. Legal assistance provides protection and liability in the chance of encountering any potential problems in the future. The legal fees are worth it, as jail time, hefty fines, and confiscation of firearms can take place if violations occur.


Gather the necessary documents. An application is required for any legal gun trust. Access the appropriate form from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE). Complete Form 1 for the manufacturing of NFA firearms. Complete Form 4 for the transfer of NFA firearms. The completed form, accompanied by all other required documents, and a $200 tax payment is mandatory. This will include a photograph, and fingerprint cards, for all individuals on the trust. Having the proper type of trust allows an easier transfer process from one individual to another, decreasing the risk of violation.

Receive Confirmation

If done correctly, all initial processing usually takes a less than a week for completion and approval. Following the receipt of a final trust form from an attorney, it is official. NFA regulated items can then legally be made, purchased, and used by those listed as trustees. A bonus of having the trust is that no signature is required from the local Chief Law Enforcement Official (CLEO), eliminating the risk of their refusal to sign an approval. Once all documentation is completed and filed, send the CLEO notification.

Create a Trust Account

Setting up a separate account to purchase all NFA regulated firearms, creates an accurate financial record. Send documentation to BATFE for to make sure that the trust and transactions are valid, and not in violation of the NFA guidelines. Be as organized as possible when documenting transactions.

It is important to have a good understanding, to prevent unexpected obstacles. Will only make the process more time-consuming and difficult in the long run. As with any valuable property, it is desirable to have as much control as possible. An official NFA gun trust is the most efficient way to protect these assets. Items are transferrable without the participation of a dealer. It will also make the overall acquisition of NFA regulated items easier and faster.