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DUI Defense Lawyer in Newport RI

Were you arrested on DUI Charges? DUIs are a serious offense, and the penalties can be harsh. You need a skilled Newport DUI attorney. One mistake can cost you a lot, but it doesn’t have to. Newport DUI Attorney Susan T. Perkins can help.

DUI Consequences

If you were arrested for DUI, a guilty conviction could turn your life upside down. The legal penalties include:

  • Jail Time
  • License Suspension
  • Fines & Fees

The severity of the penalties depends on:

  • Prior DUI Convictions
  • Legal Ability to Drink
  • Commercial or Personal Vehicle
  • Damage & Injuries

If you were in a DUI crash and someone is killed, you could be found guilty of manslaughter. Being convicted of manslaughter could mean spending 20 years in prison.

Other DUI consequences include:

  • Denied Employment
  • Car Insurance Premiums Soar
  • Smeared Reputation

You do not want a DUI conviction. Your freedom, mobility, and career are far too important. You need a Newport DUI Attorney.

DUI Defense

Newport DUI Attorneys can use some arguments. During a consultation, Susan can give you personalized information. Some standard arguments can be used to get your charges dropped.

The first is proving the police had no right to stop you. Americans have constitutional rights, and the police cannot randomly pull people over. They need a reason to pull you over, and this is called reasonable suspicion.

Another possible defense is improper testing storage and protocol. There are rules the police must follow when giving tests. Newport DUI attorney Susan Perkins is versed in the laws. There are also practices that can contaminant chemical test results and evidence. We will find any mistakes.

A third possible defense is that you were not informed of the arrest and read your rights. The U.S. Constitution guarantees us all this right. Let Newport DUI attorney Susan T. Perkins protect your rights.

A final defense example is that evidence was not legally obtained. Illegally obtaining evidence may include physical evidence or witnesses testimony. We will scrutinize every piece of evidence. Susan will make sure you are treated fairly.

Attorney Susan T. Perkins

Susan is an experienced Newport DUI attorney. She is focused on providing superior legal counsel and emotional support. We know this is a rough time. So much is at stake. That is why you need an attorney. Let Susan end your stress. Call (401) 324-2990 to schedule a consultation. We will help you get your life back to normal.