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Kent County RI Court

The Kent County Court provides many services to Rhode Island residents. The information on this page has been customized to help those going to Kent County RI Court for various reasons. Below you’ll find details such as addresses, contact information, directions, the roles of the different departments in the courthouse, and how a Kent County attorney can assist you. The Noel Judicial Complex is home to the Third Division District Court, Family Court, Superior Court, and the Office of the Disciplinary Counsel. 

Family Court in Kent County RI  

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The Family Court is there to support and assist children and families in Kent County. One of the main functions of the Family Court is to handle divorce proceedings. It also handles the many legal tasks that often come along with a divorce, such as child custody, child support, and distribution of property and alimony. Protecting children and making sure that they’re not suffering from abuse, lack of resources, or neglect is also a primary function of Kent County Family Court.

It is highly advised to work closely with a Rhode Island attorney that specializes in divorce and family law if you’re facing a separation or any other legal issues that involve the family unit. Contact Family and divorce attorney Susan T. Perkins today to schedule a free consultation today to learn more about her legal services. 

District Court in Kent County RI

The Third Division District Court in Kent County primarily handles arraignment hearings for felony and misdemeanor cases. It also manages expungement hearings, bail hearings, probation hearings, no-contact orders, and probation/probation violation hearings. It’s important to note that the Third Division District Court does not handle jury trials. If you’re required to attend a jury trial, you’ll be directed to the Kent County Superior Court. 

Remember that you don’t have to go through this alone. Contact the law firm of Susan T. Perkins today to learn more about your options. 

Superior Court in Kent County RI

If you’ve been charged with a felony, you might be required to attend a hearing at the Kent County Superior Court. The Superior Court handles non-jury and jury trials. These trials are conducted for both civil cases and criminal cases. Felony charges are some of the most serious crimes. Examples of felony cases heard at the Superior Court in Kent County include offenses such as sexual assault, domestic violence, homicide, drug-related crimes, or white-collar crimes.

It is imperative that you speak with a Rhode Island criminal defense attorney if you’ve been charged with a felony. Contact the Law Firm of Susan T. Perkins as soon as possible to discuss your case and your options. 

Posting Bail at the Kent County District Court 

The District Court states the following information on posting bail: 

If you are posting bail on behalf of a defendant or for yourself, there are a few procedures that you should know:

  • Pursuant to G.L. 1956 § 2-13-10, any balance of bail funds available after the payment of restitution, fines, and costs, or any other assessments issued by any court within the Rhode Island Judiciary, must be refunded to the defendant or the individual who posted the money on behalf of the defendant.
  • If you are a party posting bail for a defendant at the court, you must have a license or a Rhode Island Identification Card to post bail.
  • If you post bail for a defendant at the prison or at the police station with a Bail Commissioner (Justice of the Peace), any fees that you pay are non-refundable and are not part of your bail.         
  • Under G.L. 1956 § 12-10-2(d), a person arrested is afforded the opportunity to be arraigned and released on bail by a Bail Commissioner (Justice of the Peace), when appropriate, if taken into custody when the court is not in session.

Kent County Attorney 

If you or someone you know is in need of a Rhode Island family and divorce lawyer, or have been charged with a criminal offense and need an experienced criminal defense lawyer call the Law Firm of Susan T. Perkins today at (401) 324-2990. Susan has years of experience handling a wide range of family law, divorce, and criminal cases. It doesn’t matter how complex, Susan T. Perkins can provide the legal guidance and support you need to achieve the best results. 

In addition, Susan is a skilled criminal defense attorney that can handle any criminal charges, no matter how serious they are. The sooner you call, the more desirable your outcome will be. Contact Susan T. Perkins today to schedule a free consultation to discuss any legal support you may need while at the Kent County Court. 

Kent County Court Address, Directions, and Phone Numbers 

Kent County is where  Rhode Island College and Rhode Island Community College are located and it’s also one of the most populated counties in the state. 

Below you’ll find all of the information you need to contact or locate the Kent County Court:

Address: 222 Quaker Ln, Warwick, RI 02886 Kent County, Rhode Island.

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.

Closed on Saturdays and Sundays. 

District Court (Third Division)

Clerk’s Office, Second Floor, Suite 220, Room 2020, (401) 822-6750

Family Court (Kent County)

Clerk’s Office, Third Floor, Suite 310, Room 3019, (401) 822-6725

Superior Court  (Kent County)

Clerk’s Office, Fourth Floor, Suite 400, Room 4000, (401) 822-6900

Office of Disciplinary Counsel

First Floor, Suite 1083, (401) 823-5710


From points North of Warwick (from Interstate 95 South)

Take exit 10B to Route 117 West. Travel 117 West to Quaker Lane (past YMCA and Inskip). Take a left onto Quaker Lane. The Noel Judicial Complex is up the hill and on the left. Parking is in the garage adjacent to the courthouse.

From points South of Warwick (from Interstate 95 North)

Take exit 10 to Route 117 West, take left at bottom of the exit ramp and go across Route 117. Travel 117 West to Quaker Lane (past YMCA and Inskip). Take a left onto Quaker Lane. The Noel Judicial Complex is up the hill and on the left. Parking is in the garage adjacent to the courthouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a divorce cost in Kent County RI?

The cost of a divorce in Kent County RI will vary. It’ll depend on if your divorce is considered contested or uncontested. An uncontested divorce is generally less expensive than a contested divorce. Since both spouses agree on the terms of the separation, an uncontested divorce will rarely require long hours in mediation or litigation. On the other hand, a contested divorce requires a lot of negotiation, strategy, investigations into assets and finances, and commonly a trial, which makes it significantly more expensive than an uncontested divorce. To speak to a Kent County divorce lawyer and learn more about the cost of a divorce, contact Susan T. Perkins today.

How do courts make child custody decisions in Kent County RI?

The Family Court will take many different factors into consideration when determining the physical and legal custody of a child. Generally, the court aims to keep families intact and make decisions in the best interest of the child. A judge will likely consider things like the mental and physical health of the parents, each parent’s ability to care for the child, and if there’s a history of abuse, neglect, or substance abuse. It’s important to have the legal support you need through a child custody case. Contact Kent County child custody attorney Susan T. Perkins today to learn more. 

Where do you obtain a restraining order in Kent County?

Where you file for a restraining order will depend on your circumstances. For instance, if you’re filing for a restraining order against a family member, a spouse, a former spouse, or someone you have a child with, you’ll go to the Kent County Family Court. If you’re seeking a restraining order against a partner you live with or have lived with in the past, you’ll go to the Kent County District Court. 

What happens at an arraignment hearing? 

You’ll go to the Kent County District Court for your arraignment hearing after your arrest. The arraignment hearing is when you stand before a judge and enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. It’s important to contact a criminal defense attorney before you do this. It’s never advised to enter a guilty plea without speaking to a lawyer first. 

Do I need to hire a criminal defense attorney if I’m charged with a crime? 

Yes. It is highly recommended to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney if you’re charged with a misdemeanor or a felony in Kent County RI. You may be facing penalties such as jail time, expensive fines, or a loss of a driver’s license. Working closely with a skilled Kent County criminal defense lawyer can help you move forward with the legal support you need. Contact Susan T. Perkins today to discuss your case.