Ignition Interlock Devices in Rhode Island

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If you’ve ever been convicted of a DUI offense in the state of Rhode Island, then consequently you may possibly find your car furnished with an ignition interlock device. In Rhode Island, ignition interlock devices are a requirement for repeat DUI offenders.
In 2012, a law passed requiring mandatory installations of ignition interlocking devices in Rhode Island drivers who are repeat DUI offenders, as well as some first-time offenders. This requirement may also include other penalties such as fines, license suspensions and criminal charges. For a comprehensive list of laws on ignition interlocking devices in Rhode Island, please see the information below.

Ignition Interlock Device for DUI Offenders

Rhode Island requires that ignition interlocks be installed after administrative suspension and after convictions. A suspension following a conviction for DUI is referred to as a judicial suspension.
If your license is suspended at the administrative level, you can challenge it, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be reinstated. If you face a judicial suspension, as well, you may still have your license suspended as a result of the criminal charges against you.
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Upon the first offense, offenders face a minimum 30-day license suspension. The courts can extend the suspension at their discretion. Second and third time offenses are given a minimum suspension spanning from 2-3 years. This penalty also can be extended by the court as well.

After three driving under the influence convictions, offenders are required to install a state approved ignition interlock device and maintain the device on their motor vehicle for no less than two years. In some instances, offenders are also required to attend a substance abuse program for professional treatment. There are also cases of administrative suspension that included the confiscation of the offender’s vehicle.

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