Helping Yourself Through Divorce

Getting A Divorce In Rhode Island

How Can Getting A Divorce Help You?

Getting a divorce can be a difficult process but for many people, the alternative is far worse, and often divorce is a necessary process for people in a marriage that is no longer functioning. Rather than stay in a toxic and possibly harmful situation, Attorney Susan T. Perkins can help you get you the divorce that you deserve! While that may seem an odd phrase “the divorce you deserve”, no one should have to stay in a marriage that is broken, emotionally, physically, or mentally harmful-and often divorce is the cure for the ills of a failed or broken marriage. Let’s explore a few of the reasons people commonly seek a divorce in Rhode Island

Getting A Divorce Because of An Abusive Spouse

For people contemplating a divorce in Providence or the Rhode Island area, that are dealing with an abusive spouse, divorce isn’t just a suggestion but may be necessary to save your life! Domestic violence in any form is unacceptable, and over time abuse can escalate and become life-threatening. No one should stay in an abusive relationship whether the abuse is emotional, mental, or physical. While the process of getting a divorce may seem daunting, working with an experienced, compassionate, and determined attorney such as Susan T. Perkins can make getting a divorce much simpler. If you’re dealing with a severely abusive spouse, the time for a divorce is now, because statistically abusive spouses rarely correct the behavior.

Other Conditions that Lead To Divorce

There are other conditions that can also necessitate a divorce as well, that aren’t as severe. Very often people can be in marriages where your spouse is engaging in some sort of behavior that while not physically harmful towards you, ultimately the behavior itself is damaging. An example of something that is not abusive behavior towards a spouse but can lead to divorce; is a partner that is unable to control their gambling or drinking. While people often try to fix or repair those issues, and at times can do so, in certain situations this is behavior that can lead to you getting a divorce. When you are dealing the complex situation and charged issues behind the divorce, it’s important to have a divorce attorney who is capable of getting you the results that you deserve.

The Law Offices of Susan T. Perkins Esq. has helped countless people help themselves by getting a divorce, and she can help you too! Contact us today to find out how your divorce can set you free!