Drager 5000: DUI Checkpoints for Pot

dui checkpoints for pot

As the laws change across the country, changes happen to the enforcement of the laws. Motorists are already accustomed to the possibility of having to travel through a DUI checkpoint to see if they are driving under the influence of alcohol. Police are now having DUI checkpoints for pot. Officers are using specialized testing equipment, such as the Drager 5000. It is to determine if the person at the checkpoint is under the influence of marijuana or other narcotics while driving. It doesn’t matter if it’s legally obtained or illegally sourced. Unlike alcohol, most areas that have decriminalized or legalized the use of pot don’t have a legal limit of how much THC can be in your bloodstream at the time of being pulled over. Learn more about this possibility and how to protect yourself.

What Is the Drager 5000?

The Drager 5000 is a device is similar to a breathalyzer test already used by police. Police use this device in DUI checkpoints for pot and other instances. This machine tests the saliva of the person under suspicion of being under the influence of marijuana. It checks for several substances in addition to pot. It can also detect diazepam, amphetamine, cocaine, meth, and opiates in a driver’s system. One Drager 5000 can cost about 5,500 dollars for a police department to obtain. It provides the test results rather quickly during a traffic stop, unlike other testing methods. Depending on the tests, it takes between five and 10 minutes.

How Effective Is It?

This new product is being scrutinized to try to determine how useful it is when it comes to the result it provides. Research has been finding that while it can report some false positives and negatives when compared to the results that come from blood testing.   

Where Is It Currently In Use?

There are a few areas where the Drager 5000 is currently in use. San Diego, Denver, and Los Angeles are among the big cities that are presently using the Drager 5000. Recently Pacific Beach, a suburb of San Diego, put the Drager 5000 to the test over Saint Patrick’s Day weekend. After this usage, they used it at three saturation patrols and ten checkpoints. During these law enforcement events, two people took the Drager 5000 test, and arrests were made after both had a positive test result.   

Each of these cities is in areas that have legalized marijuana to some extent. This list is sure to grow as more areas start enforcing the changing laws regarding marijuana. Areas, where marijuana use is illegal, may step up their efforts to catch people moving through their state to get to areas where legality is no longer in question. Things are slightly uncertain when it comes to what may happen next with the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana use. One thing that is certain is that these DUI checkpoints for pot will continue to show up around the country.

How Soon Could We See DUI Checkpoints for Pot in Rhode Island?

The laws in Rhode Island have changed. Marijuana itself has been decriminalized, and medical marijuana is legal. Having an ounce or less of marijuana can result in similar repercussions to a parking ticket, but driving under the influence of it can still have complicated punishments that impact your life. Due to the softening of marijuana laws in Rhode Island, there’s a potential for DUI checkpoints for pot using the Drager 5000 to start in the future. Many law enforcement departments are finding ways to purchase expensive equipment like the Drager 5000 through grants and other programs.

Why Get a Lawyer?

The Drager 5000 is new technology that can give incorrect results. These tests compare to other testing methods, such as blood tests, for these findings. It can pay to have a legal representative on hand to help you through any outcomes from DUI checkpoints for pot. In this type of situation, you may not know what to expect or how to move forward with protecting your rights when it comes to the administration of these DUI checkpoints for pot.  

Have you or a loved one been involved in a DUI, and need legal advice on how to best move forward from what happened? Call the Rhode Island DUI Defense Law Office of Susan T. Perkins today to discuss your particular DUI situation. The outcome of your case can have far-reaching results into your future. Even refusing to take the test in Rhode Island can pose the potential for problems. You could lose your license, have to do community service and pay a fine. This outcome is due to Rhode Island having an implied consent law. A lawyer familiar with DUI laws in Rhode Island can help to make a difference in the outcome you can expect with your case.