Do You Know Why You Need an NFA Gun Trust?

Why you need an NFA gun trust

Why you need an NFA gun trust

Rhode Island is a state that has a unique situation when it comes to their citizens and their guns. Namely, they have what’s called an NFA gun trust. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss the specifics of this unique scenario: what is an NFA gun trust, and why you need an NFA gun trust.

The Basics

Some firearms are subject to the National Firearms Act, or NFA. Some of the many guns that are eligible for this protection include, but are certainly not limited to, things like short-barreled rifles and shotguns, and fully automatic weapons.

One of the main reasons why you need an NFA gun trust is for, frankly, your own protection. In the event you become disabled or otherwise incapacitated, you will need to have an NFA gun trust to transfer ownership of the gun properly to your executors and/or heirs. You will want your final wishes to be carried out, to be sure, and those final wishes include what you’d like to happen to your properly registered firearm.

The second reason why you need an NFA gun trust is that your executors and/or heirs won’t need permission from their CLEO, or Chief Law Enforcement Officer. As gun laws become more and more stringent in the wake of tragedies that have nothing to do with Rhode Island, CLEOs are refusing to sign BAFTE forms obtained by traditional methods in a misguided attempt to keep the peace.

Another reason why you need an NFA gun trust is for the protection of your executors and/or heirs. Simply downloading a form off the Internet and signing off on it won’t protect either you or your executors and/or your heirs from any repercussions of this invalid contract. It is, then, in your best interests to work with an attorney like Susan T. Perkins, Esq., who has experience dealing with NFA trusts.

Finally, but certainly no less importantly, you need an NFA gun trust because it’s required of you. If you’d like to keep your gun protected under the NFA, no matter what happens to you, contact the NFA Gun Trust Lawyer Susan T. Perkins and get the process started today.