The Divorceselfie Trend Is Taking Over


Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram tend to tell a story about the more ideal areas of our lives. We post picture perfect moments of our kids winning soccer games, walks through floral meadows and that frozen drink shot from a beachside vacation. It’s all so Insta-perfect. But recently, there’s been a new trend in social media that captures a moment traditionally not depicted in the same star-struck light: the divorce selfie.

The trend started when Calgary couple Shannon and Chris Neuman filed for divorce in late August.

shannon neuman divorceselfie

The couple married for 11 years told The Huffington Post they decided to split for their children. “We weren’t celebrating with the pic, we were commemorating the accomplishment of a goal that we worked really hard to reach, together,” said Shannon. “If we were celebrating, it was the completion of the process and coming out on the other side as friends.”

Since the Neuman’s viral post, other couples are taking to Instagram and other social sites to post divorceselfies of their own.

divorceselfie coffeewineandpolkadots
Photo courtesy of: @coffeewineand[olkadots
divorceselfie ginger08
Photo courtesy of: @ginger08
divorceselfie dkg222211
Photo courtesy of: @dkg222211

As of date, the hashtag #divorceselfie has 192 posts on Instagram. Former couples post smiling pictures in front of courthouses or drinks at happy hour with words of encouragement for their former life partner. Those partaking in the trend, as well as their supporters, say these moments are bittersweet.

Melissa Smith of @coffeewineandpolkadots says, “We’re not celebrating the fact that our marriage didn’t work. We’re more celebrating the fact that we did the right thing and we were able to get through it without causing a lot of animosity.”

Keeping the peace during a divorce not only benefits the family in the long-run, but saves on time and money as well. The average divorce in American costs anywhere from $15,000-$30,000 and can take over a years to settle. These statistics change drastically when divorce proceedings are mutual. For Melissa Smith and her ex, their divorce took less than four months and less than $1,500 in mediation fees. The couple, who has two beautiful children, split custody 50-50 with no jealous backlash, evident by happy picture text sent back and forth when apart.

A divorce is always difficult, even when you know it’s for the best. Take the time to grieve the loss and begin the process of moving forward. And one of the biggest steps in moving forward is finding a Family Law Attorney and Divorce Attorney. If you’re in Rhode Island, Massachusetts or Connecticut and need assistance mediating a divorce and splitting from a former partner, call Rhode Island Divorce Attorney Susan T. Pekins a 401-PERKINS today.