COVID-19 Update – RI, MA and CT Courts

COVID 19 Update RI MA CT Courts

The Rhode Island Courts are closed until at least 5/17/20 per Governor Raimondo.  The Courts are open for emergencies only, like restraining order cases, and custody issues.

The Massachusetts and Connecticut Courts are closed until further notice, but are hearing emergencies such as restraining orders and custody issues as well.

Suffice it to say, this pandemic has caused many families to live in fear, above all with the anxiety and stress of what is happening in the world, with our economy, jobs and current unstable family situations. 

If you are in lockdown and are having issues with your current spouse or ex spouse dealing with custody issues, parenting time or finances, there are ways you can get help to deal with those issues.

Speaking to a professional therapist can help with the stressors you are experiencing.  Most therapists are able to do consultations either by phone or video.  I always say therapy can be helpful as therapists can give you tools to help you deal with and manage the situation you are in.

Also, speaking to an attorney can help answer questions you might have on how to proceed with your situation.  They can give you advice about the court process, getting started and what can happen during the court proceedings.  

Accessibility to an attorney is super important during this pandemic.  I am available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by cell phone and text, or video conference.  My cell phone number is (401) 205-3775.

Our office has the ability to get the process started over the phone or by video and we can electronically provide you all documentation necessary to fill out and file your case in court.

The courts are open for emergencies only, so if you are being abused or are not seeing your child or children, or need financial assistance from a spouse, we can help address those in court asap.In this unprecedented time, we still have ways we can help alleviate the stress and anxiety of dealing with family issues.  

Please call (401) 205-3775 or text any time. Stay healthy and informed!