What Is Considered a Personal Injury ?



What is considered a personal injury in law? Have you considered how much your case is worth? Personal injury encompasses a wide range of cases, and it is important to consider how much your injury is going to cost you. The factors in this equation are physical damages, missing work days, and mental anguish before you can figure out the amount owed to you.

Personal injury damages are classified as “compensatory”, which means that they are considered damages that cost you monetarily in some way. Even though it isn’t always possible, the compensatory aspects of your case are factored as how much it would take to make you whole again. Types of compensatory damages include:

–          *Pain and suffering: In some cases, the court may find for your mental and emotional suffering. In this case your lawyer has to prove that any emotional suffering has to be linked directly to the accident in question.

–          *Permanent disability or disfigurement: Some people can claim additional compensation is needed if any disfigurement has been the result of the accident.

–         * Loss wages or future loss of earnings: If you are to miss future dates of employment or are unable to continue your line of work due to injury, this is considered in your compensatory damages.

–         * Property loss: If the incident caused any damage to your car or bike or any other piece of personal property, you may be entitled to the fair market value.

–         * Loss of consortium: This describes cases where the accident or incident has caused issue with the person’s relationship with their spouse.

–          *Loss of enjoyment: This applies to losing one’s ability to enjoy every day activities or hobbies.


To punish a defendant whose behavior is the reason for the incident, your lawyer may go after the person for punitive damages. Punitive damages can be awarded on top of compensatory damages if the defendant is proven to have displayed egregious or outrageous conduct. If you suspect that you may have a personal injury lawsuit, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer today.