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Child Support Enforcement in Rhode Island

If you’ve been through a divorce, and the non-custodial parent refuses to pay the court-ordered child support, you will certainly need the aid of an experienced child support enforcement attorney like Susan Perkins to help you! For more than a decade, Susan has fought for the rights of children, and their parents, in even the most acrimonious of divorce cases…and she can certainly help you with your case for child support enforcement!

Why should you call an attorney for child support enforcement help?

The Rhode Island laws surrounding child support are nothing if not nebulous, and can often leave parents feeling lost and frustrated in a sea of laws that make no sense. For example, a non-custodial parent may file what’s called a “Request for Relief” if s/he wishes to have his/her child support order changed, but even that doesn’t stop existing child support proceedings.

Also, did you know that child support enforcement proceedings can continue even if you’re incarcerated? This level of stress, alone, can cause child support proceedings to go against your best interests!

That’s why the law offices of Susan Perkins, can help you with even the most difficult child support proceedings. Whether you need the aid of an attorney to help you with a child custody proceeding, with a child visitation proceeding, or with a child enforcement proceeding, the law office of Susan Perkins, can help you just as she’s helped countless other parents for more than a decade.

Child support enforcement should not be left in the hands of fate, nor should you represent yourself in a situation like this. Rather, you should enlist the help of an experienced child support enforcement attorney – one who is sensitive to both your needs, and the needs of your children. Call  (401) 324-2990 Rhode Island Family and Divorce Lawyer Susan T. Perkins for your free, no obligation consultation about child support enforcement.